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Clients past and present
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Voice work (introduction) Television and cinema commercials Festival commercials/demos Narrative commentary Soundscapes Dubbing

Currently my largest client is Radio Netherlands Worldwide, where I work as a news writer, web producer and translator. Other important clients in recent years have been agency Taalcentrum-VU, publishers Nijgh Versluys, Bekadidact, Querido (for author Wanda Reisel), Ludion (for author Oscar van den Boogaard), music theatre company VocaalLAB Nederland, sculptor Caspar Berger, and Amsterdam City Council for its application for UNESCO world heritage status for the city centre.

Literary translation - Radio Books
For Radio Netherlands I have translated 28 short stories by contemporary Dutch and Flemish authors in the series Radio Books. The Radio Books series is a collaboration between Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Belgian radio station Klara, and Flemish-Dutch cultural centre Huis de Buren.
Click on the author below to listen to the Radio Book at Radio Netherlands or the Radio Books website.
Annelies Verbeke
Aukelien Weverling
Chris van Camp
Dťsanne van Brederode
Diane De Keyzer
Erik de Kuyper
Erik-Jan Harmens
Hafid Bouazza (read by Michael Blass)
Hassnae Bouazza
Herman Koch
Hilde van Mieghem
Jan van Aken
Joseph Pearce
Josse De Pauw
Karin Amatmoekrim
Kees Ďt Hart
Kristien Hemmerechts
Marc Reugebrink
Marjolijn Februari
Mark Boog
Naema Tahir
Oscar van den Boogaard
Paul Mennes
Rashid Novaire
Sevtap Baycili
Stijn Vranken
Wanda Reisel (read by Michael Blass)
Yves Petry

Other clients (translation)
Astrophysical Institute
Vrije Universiteit Brussel; authors W. van Rensbergen, E. de Donder
Academy of Obstetrics, Amsterdam
Barbara Duifjes/Stichting Dondervogel (theatre), Amsterdam
Beatrijs Smulders
British Council
Centre for Latin American Studies, Amsterdam
Cirquest, Amsterdam (multimedia training company)
De Groep van Steen (theatre), Amsterdam
Department of Communication, University of Helsinki; author Mervi Pantti
Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam; author R. Pistorius
Department of Public Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam; author J. van Wijk
Dutch Association for Volunteer Effort (NOV), Utrecht
Emirald (e-commerce company), Amsterdam
Faculty of Economic Sciences, Business Administration and Econometrics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; author Herbert Rijken
Felix Meritis Foundation / Amsterdam Summer University
Hanadon (Taiko drumming), Amsterdam
IFCO 2001 (International Foster Care Organization)
Joseph Plateau (graphic design), Amsterdam
Keizer Culinair (cookery school) Amsterdam
KIT Publishers, Amsterdam
Leiden University
Kosmos Uitgevers (Safe Pregnancy. The Complete Handbook to a Healthy Pregnancy - Beatrijs Smulders & MariŽl Croon)
Lightsound Studio, Amsterdam
McCann Erickson, Amstelveen
Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare (NIZW), Utrecht
Neuro-artonomy Project, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Nieuws/Innoventions (gallery/shop) Amsterdam
Private Thoughts in Public Places (performance), Amsterdam
Provincie Noord Holland (provincial government), Haarlem
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam
SJN (national institute for information and innovation of care and welfare services for young people and their carers), Utrecht
Stap (theatre production)
The Monitor of Biotechnology and Development, (quarterly journal) Universiteit van Amsterdam, Department of Political Science; The Network University, Amsterdam
Uitgeverij Thoeris; authors MariŽl Croon, Charlotte Molenaar

Voice work top
My main clients are agencies Vanetie Casting and Eurovoice. I have also worked as a news reader and continuity announcer at Radio Netherlands Worldwide and recorded short stories in the Radio Books series by Wanda Reisel and Hafid Bouazza.

Other clients have been Diego Pos, Stemmenbank.nl, Mirabeau, Michael Harrigan, KlankTank, Studio Michel Mulders, Mediavision, and Nijgh Versluys.

Television, cinema and web commercialsvoice demo top
Vodafone 'Batman', (PPGH/JWT, Amsterdam), national TV
Atradius (Massive Music Studio, Amsterdam), UK radio
NS Schipholboog, (PPGH/JWT, Amsterdam), national radio
TomTom 'Scott Scott', (TBWA \ Neboko, Amsterdam), UK version
Renault Clio 'Enter next level' (Publicis, Amsterdam); national TV
K-Swiss (Palookaville, Amsterdam); international TV
ABN AMRO (ABN AMRO Brand& Sail Comp., Amstelveen); Indian cinema
Skill (Edge, Rotterdam), UK TV
Footlocker, international TV (MTV)
Volvo, national TV
Unox 'Wonder Boys', national TV
Bacardi, national TV
Duisenberg School of Finance
Jack Daniels

Festival commercials/demos voice demo top
Audio Channel Pitch (Billinger & Marsman, Amsterdam)
TomTom demos and promotional material (TBWA \ Neboko, Amstelveen)
NS (PPGH/JWT, Amsterdam)
Salvation Army (Only, Amsterdam)
Lu Chocomoments
Financieel Dagblad

Narrative commentary voice demo top
Volvo Ocean Race international sports documentary, Sky Sports (ABN AMRO Brand& Sail Comp., Amstelveen), 4 episodes
Fiat, narrative tape, (Leo Burnett, Amsterdam)
Audio presentation 'Von Siebold' (Rijksmuseum, Leiden)
PR video, Canon (Annelies Dop, Amsterdam)
ABN AMRO, internal film
Phillips Semiconductors, internal film
Nijgh Versluys, Baarn: Educational tapes and CD-ROMs
ICE Mobile, Diemen: DVD
Nokia (EURO RSCG 4D, Amsterdam): internet telephone game

Soundscapes & radio plays voice demo top
The Edges of the Nightwatch, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (radio play for international broadcast)
Route Planner, Private Thoughts in Public Places (installation and performance, European tour)
Full Phat? Yes Please!, Vitamen, This is Quaint (soundscape, CD This is Quaint, Quaint records)
Four Foot Forty, Vitamen (soundscape, 12" single Lucid Recordings)
Start Button, Streamer, Blissed (soundscape, CD Kidnap records); Radio Soulwax pt. 2, 2 many DJs (PIAS Belgium)

Dubbing voice demo top
Role in: Bullebob, Danish children's television series for the BBC
Role in: Minoes, Dutch feature film